Funny and Weird Weather Fails Compilation 2016 | Best Nature Fails by FailArmy

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Funny and Weird Weather Fails Compilation 2016 | Best Nature Fails by FailArmy - عرب توداي

Funny and Weird Weather Fails Compilation 2016 | Best Nature Fails by FailArmy

2 years ago

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بواسطة: FailArmyنشر منذ: 2 years ago

16, 032, 891 مشاهده

153, 433 اعجاب   3, 801 استياء

Sometimes it's better to just stay inside. Here they are, 10 minutes of the best and worst weather fails submitted to us in the last year. Thank you guys for all the support as we approach 10m. We may do a massive best fails compilation, which of your favorite clips should we include? Let us know your thoughts down below and Salute!

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Original Links:
fish hits girl in face {$this->config["url"]}/watch/dtxPp9UOcIc
Skim Board {$this->config["url"]}/watch/B6YAySi2RJA
Garbage Can Floats down Flooded Street {$this->config["url"]}/watch/JJiNyHyIq6o
Snow Roof Fall {$this->config["url"]}/watch/pLQ5GsNJBSE
Guy Gets Taken by Kite {$this->config["url"]}/watch/shm4NrkFzxo
Man Braves T-Storm to Record Lightning Strike Nearby Hospital {$this->config["url"]}/watch/dGpY0aRQ1k8
Rain Fail {$this->config["url"]}/watch/jNnWo3vXvVQ
Man Shoveling Ice Slides Down Driveway {$this->config["url"]}/watch/KJpHq83qdks
Failure {$this->config["url"]}/watch/KvOxm8L9fEQ
Scaffolding on Building Blows Over from Wind {$this->config["url"]}/watch/kg9cSUNaPJQ
Man Shovels Snow Straight into Wind {$this->config["url"]}/watch/JwKZd_7620Y
Snow from Roof Falls on Top of Man {$this->config["url"]}/watch/2PmHBTebZYQ
Dog Searches for Snowball {$this->config["url"]}/watch/lwYR9SUGnds
Dingus {$this->config["url"]}/watch/EDK8uT2yF4s
Car mess on Icy Road {$this->config["url"]}/watch/hl2VNet0udQ
Girl Falls into Snow in Swimsuit {$this->config["url"]}/watch/OGtZ-da3YeI
Cat Tries to Dig through Snow Drift {$this->config["url"]}/watch/gu9VC1MyAEU
Go away snow {$this->config["url"]}/watch/zMt25rcQb5o
Hill'd {$this->config["url"]}/watch/MCaYirJTLBI
Girl Gets Caught and Swept Away by Flood {$this->config["url"]}/watch/YAv_yUsAvgc
Trash Cans Slide down Street During Rain Storm {$this->config["url"]}/watch/IfcvK_v4hcs
Snow and Ice Makes Cars Slide and mess {$this->config["url"]}/watch/kZhl4zfqk2k
Sliding Across the Ice Like a Boss {$this->config["url"]}/watch/ggUeBIiLBrs
Girl Makes Dent in Ice {$this->config["url"]}/watch/8TsFLpN01g0
Girl Slips And Breaks Through Ice While Running {$this->config["url"]}/watch/Cl1moufS3O4
Girl's Leg Breaks Through Ice {$this->config["url"]}/watch/Yu7-BJYJWb8
Dog Pretends to Swim while Carried {$this->config["url"]}/watch/K9DyrOyciB8
Pup Pretends to Swim while Carried {$this->config["url"]}/watch/NCAAwSfud64
Tornado Chasers Hit by Farming Equipment {$this->config["url"]}/watch/OrU73suW508
Signed {$this->config["url"]}/watch/nkEKQv6Bov4
Wind Storm Blows Car Away {$this->config["url"]}/watch/2Wx0ZzLqFUg
Man Struggles to Drink Water in Iceland Wind {$this->config["url"]}/watch/IzVrTdCFejo
Man Floods Car Engine Driving through Flood {$this->config["url"]}/watch/9Om-6f2ki-E



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